Our mission is to help others think - and work - more creatively, holistically, and collaboratively so that they can more effectively identify and solve the big problems, and pursue the great opportunities, that characterize our time.

The Jim and Bobbie Ukrop Innovation & Design Studio - or I.D. Studio - is a space in which a wide variety of students, young and young-at-heart, can come together to learn and practice a new set of skills and a different mindset.  We are especially focused on skills that enable and promote innovation through collaboration, and the mindset we aspire to is best described as a growth-mindset, focused on learning how to identify and solve big problems, and pursue great opportunities.

The I.D. Studio is also an education laboratory; a place to experiment with new ways of learning and teaching.  We recognize the need for innovation in higher education at all levels - from undergraduate to executive training - and we welcome the challenge of learning how to be even more relevant, connected, and results-oriented in all that we do.